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MADDawg Ministries

Kids sports camps and clinics - fun, with an eternal purpose...

How MADDAWG Ministries came to be...

The Story of MADDAWG, and MADDAWG Ministries

A long time ago, in a church basement far, far away...

I have always been very involved with youth at some level - coaching sports teams and running tournaments and football jamborees, and teaching and mentoring youth at my church.

One day, we were in our church youth room, and we were talking about our initials for some reason (a very Biblical and theological conversation). My initials are MAD - and one of our other leaders said “like a MADDAWG!”. And there it stuck - the name MADDAWG was forever known within our church walls. Many, many youth throughout the years know me as MADDAWG, as well as most in the church.

And then it went global...

I had the pleasure of going on a mission trip to Portugal to work with kids at day camps, which God turned into my running flag football camps.

I went to Portugal a couple of times, and then went on a few mission trips to India and Nepal to work with local pastors. I suggested doing a Flag Football on our next trip, so in early 2020 we did just that, and had a ball.

After being at home for a month or so, we got work from the local Nepal pastor that 2 non-Christian youth who had attended our camp had accepted Christ as their Savior. Tha t really hit me, and I felt God calling me to "Engage" and do more - not just overseas but in my own community.

So 2021 became the launch of a full-fledged MADDAWG Ministries program (yes during a pandemic...only God, huh?).

I had branded my sports work as MADDAWG Athletics and was operating under that, so I took that MADDAWG mentality with me on the mission field here and abroad - and discovered the kids loved the idea of a grown man growling like a dog and getting them to growl back (the picture at the top of our home page, from Portugal).

I have grown to have a good deal of affection for MADDAWG - the tenacity and focus it represents, the obsession with doing a job or task with excellence, and never letting go (like a dog chewing on your leg!).

Showing the love of Christ through our hands and feet, and maybe a touchdown pass!

It’s just the MADDAWG way...

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A few examples of what MADDAWG Ministries has done utilizing sports as a door-opener for building relationships.

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MADDAWG Ministries - Project E3
Project E3:


Our Signature program at MADDAWG Ministries is what we call "Project E3". Our focus is on:

*Engage - gotta go where the people are; to get involved, you have to be involved. The first step is to take action and Engage.

* Entertain - it needs to be fun, or kids won't connect. We focus on having a good time, geting to know the kids and just joining them in having fun.

* Enlighten - relationships matter, and are the most important thing. With relationships come the opportunity to enlighten about Jesus and the Gospel, to share the message of salvation.

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